About Kingdom Core

The Kingdom Message

The priority of the Kingdom Message cannot be denied. Jesus stated clearly, “I must preach the Kingdom of God … I was sent for this purpose (Luke 4:43), and He told us that we should, “Seek first the Kingdom of God …” (Matt 6:33). Preaching and preparing the way for the Kingdom of God was Jesus’ purpose and it must be ours as well.  The study material on this website is designed to shape (or reshape) our thinking regarding the Kingdom message and equip us to be effective in Kingdom purpose.

Material on this Website:

Kingdom Core Evangelism

A gospel presentation based on four key aspects of the Christian message which includes the Kingdom of God. Using this presentation plants the seed of Kingdom purpose from the beginning and points the new believer in the right direction.

The Kingdom Paradigm

Twenty-four lessons based on the perspective that the Kingdom of God is a governmental system that will one day rule the earth. Includes worksheets.

Destiny 101

Twenty-seven lessons designed to establish a foundational framework for building the Church and preparing the way for the Kingdom built around the foundational principles found in Hebrews 6:1-2, which are called the “elementary” or “first” principles of the oracles of God.

This study starts with John 8:14 where Jesus said, “My witness is true because I know where I came from and where I am going…”.  If we want to have a true or accurate witness, we too must know where we came from and were we are going. Therefore, Part I of this study establishes a scriptural perspective regarding the future (where we are going) and Part II presents an overview of history (were we came from) which brings us to the present. Then Part III focuses on the present work of preparing the way for the Kingdom of God to appear.

Building a Kingdom Core Church

A handbook for those wish to start or lead a Kingdom-based church. This handbook is certainly does not replace the need for the leading of the Holy Spirit, but it does provide some basic step-by-step direction. It also includes a “Pray The Vision” prayer guide built abound the principles established in the Destiny 101 study.