About Kingdom Core

Mission Statement:

Preparing the Way for the Appearing of Christ and His Kingdom

For more about the vision and mission, see the Praying the Vision prayer guide.

The priority of the Kingdom Message cannot be denied. Jesus stated clearly, “I must preach the Kingdom of God … I was sent for this purpose (Luke 4:43), and He told us that we should, “Seek first the Kingdom of God …” (Matt 6:33). Preaching and preparing the way for the Kingdom of God was Jesus’ purpose and it must be ours as well.  The study material on this website is designed to shape (or reshape) our thinking regarding the Kingdom message and equip us to be effective in Kingdom purpose.

Beyond making this material available, it is our intent to build a network of like-minded believers who embrace the Kingdom Vision.  This work is in its early stages, therefore the information provided will be changing from time to time.

For the Kingdom,

Brad Sherman

Is God using the COVID-19 crisis to reshape the body of Christ?

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