The Good News of the Kingdom

Maybe you have heard the good news of salvation, but have you hear the good news of the Coming Kingdom?

This is a presentation of the Christian message in four parts framed in the “Big Picture” of God’s plan. Sharing the Christian Message with others doesn’t have to be difficult - just read the material.  The Word of God does the work!  We recommend using  this material before Destiny 101 and The Kingdom Paradigm as a means of examining and fortifying one’s commitment and relationship with Jesus. It is our relationship with Him, and the working of the Holy Spirit in us that makes knowledge come alive!


Part I: The Big Picture

In The Beginning
The Plan of Restoration
The Rest of the Story

Part II: The Four Aspects of the Message

The Holiness of God
The Condition of Man
The Redeeming Work of Christ
The Coming Kingdom

Part III:  Joining The Cause

Who Is Driving?
Strengthening Your Grip