Kingdom Core Evangelism

Finding open hearts, those who will listen to the Christian Message, can sometimes be a challenge. There are many strategies for doing so, which often require prayer and patiently building a relationship. So when the opportunity to share the Christian Message presents itself, it is important to do so in a proper way.

Kingdom Core Evangelism is a presentation of the Christian message in four parts framed in the “Big Picture” of God’s plan.

Part I contrasted with Part II shows the dilemma faced by all humanity. Part III identifies the answer to the dilemma and Part IV provides purpose and direction for new believers by giving them a cause to be part of.  These four elements will be developed through out the Christian’s entire life, but should can and should be represented the initial message presented to those choosing to follow Jesus Christ.  This gives that new believer a good start. Direction regarding issues commonly faced by new believers is also provided.

Sharing the Christian Message with others doesn’t have to be difficult – just read the material.  The Word of God does the work!  We recommend using  this material before Destiny 101 and The Kingdom Paradigm as a means of examining and fortifying one’s commitment and relationship with Jesus. It is our relationship with Him, and the working of the Holy Spirit in us that makes knowledge come alive!




Part I: The Big Picture

In The Beginning

The Plan of Restoration

The Rest of the Story


Part II: The Four Aspects of the Message

The Holiness of God

The Condition of Man

The Redeeming Work of Christ

The Coming Kingdom


Part III:  Joining The Cause

Who Is Driving?

Strengthening Your Grip



Appendix A:  Which Church?

Appendix B:  Sharing the Message with Others