Destiny 101

Finding Purpose and Direction in a Confused World

This study will produce a scriptural and historical foundation which can dramatically effect your outlook for the future. Build on the Rock and be unshakable in the storm!

Things You Will Get From Destiny 101

  • God’s master strategy for restoring the planet
  • Keys to unlocking your destiny
  • How to reconcile predestination with personal choices and responsibility
  • A framework for understanding the future & The Axiom of the Future
  • Satan’s worst nightmare and the mystery of iniquity
  • The Axiom of History and the Axiom of Destiny
  • The difference between the milk and meat of the Word
  • An understanding of the Ministry of Righteousness and the Order of Melchizedek
  • How to balance unity with the diversity of individual callings
  • How to become a “Son of Issachar” who understands the times and knows what to do
  • and more.

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Destiny 101 Lessons